John Graham Transport manager has been at Plants Limited since he did his YTS as young boy. So he has decades of experience in operations on the nursery and transporting nursery stock. We operate are own small fleet of vehicles so we have full control over deliveries and can track where your plants are at all times on route to you. Our aim is to be able to give an accurate time to arrive on site. With the recent fuel raises we are constantly reviewing delivery costs and try to keep them to a minimum to cover fuel, wear and tear and staff cost.  All our vans and lorries comply with the current low emissions.

Plants Vehicle Fleet

Please ensure that deliveries are met on arrival and there is someone who can sign, check and assist with unloading. Specimens that require mechanical assistance unloading on site will need to be organised by your company as we can only offer kerb side delivery.

Plants can be packed on Danish trollies so can roll off the lorries ready to be unloaded. If you have large landscape project we can box up plants so you can deposit them around site. Where possible we try to accommodate your plant packing need. Please ask when booking delivery.