To help take some of “The Hassle” out of busy landscapers’ lives we specialise in the compilation of whole plant lists to architect or designer’s specifications. The best way for us to do this is for you to send along your lists for quoting, which we will do by return, offering a price for all items but indicating if there are things which we envisage may be a problem.

If the prices are accepted then we usually require approximately 14 working days from placing of order to supply of stock. Quote prices are only valid for one month.

Once the order is placed Lisa will enter the items into our system, allocating the plants that we have in stock. Those items not in stock will be circulated around our network of trusted suppliers and hopefully the order will be completed. If for some reason items are not found to be available then we will contact you to discuss what action you would like to take on these. (i.e. Substitute, Wait for Availability or Cancel those items).

Before collection/delivery we will also contact to discuss delivery, payment and timing etc.